Thank You!

~ Thank you for serving the people that need you to get their homes sold.

~ Thank you for sacrificing family time to hales those that need you.

~ Thank you for providing advice and council to the ones that need it the most.

~ Thank you for showing up and working hard.

~ Thank you for allowing other people to enjoy their own experience.

~ Thank you for working on yourself so you can be a better agent.

~ Thank you for driving people around so they can find the house of their dreams.

~ Thank you for asking for the sale one more time because that was the one that got them to sign the contract.

~ Thank you for wearing like 37 different hats because the public wants you to be everything to everybody.

~ Thank you for cleaning top your backseat from the kids that unknowingly made your life more difficult.

~ Thank you for volunteering in your community.

~ Thank you for doing that virtual tour.

~ Thank you for putting the dished in the dishwasher so the house looked clean.

~ Thank you for saving a portion of every one of your commission checks for a rainy day.

~ Thank you for stepping out of your comfort zone.

~ Thank you for opening the blinds before the showing.

~ Thank you for showing their family that house the new couple fell in love with because Mom and Dad’s support was so important to them.

~ Thank you for sitting though continuing education so you can be more equipped.

~ Thank you for quitting work early so you can get to your child’s soccer game.

~ Thank you for noticing the refrigerator is missing during the walk through.

~ Thank you for going to the office late at night so you are ready for tomorrow’s appointments.

~ Thank you for keeping your promise by paying your team before you got paid.

~ Thank you for making sure the cat didn’t escape.

~ Thank you for how you responded when faced with adversity when there didn’t seem like there was any light at the end of the tunnel and you persevered and won the battle.

~ Thank you for paying your taxes on time.

~ Thank you for not getting run over when you are putting out your signs.

~ Thank you for bringing your family to the office holiday party.

~ Thank you for creating that flier that was really kick ass.

~ Thank you for your late night trips to Office Max.

~ Thank you for your advice.

~ Thank you for meeting that agent for an cup of coffee the other day, it was just what they needed.

~ Thank you taking the shitty phone call from your upset client.

~ Thank you for finding the lockbox on the water spigot on the side of the house.

~ Thank you for saving that little stash of cash so you can treat your family to something special on vacation.

~ Thank you for your updates on the closing.

~ Thank you for calming them down and bringing them back to reality.

~ Thank you for the color copies to make sure everything looked nice..

~ Thank you for keeping your promises.

~ Thank you for treating your vendors like family.

~ Thank you for doing that open house in the rain when you knew no one would show up.

~ Thank you for keeping your workspace need and tidy.

~ Thank you for living up to a Code of Ethics that we hold sacred.

~ Thank you for negotiating like a bull dog to get a better price.

~ Thank you for taking that call during dinner with your family so you can put another meal on the table tomorrow.

~ Thank you for saving your client money.

~ Thank you for finding ways to get better all the time so you can be the best version of yourself you can be.

~ Thank you for serving your clients with all your might.

~ Thank you for pulling over on the side of the road so you could write down that counts offer.

~ Thank you for supporting your fellow agent when they needed a shoulder to cry on.

~ Thank you for securing every property you went in to.

~ Thank you for turning the lights out in the office when everyone else has left for the day.

~ Thank you for going to the store to pick up the treats for the open house.

~ Thank you talking to that new agent and giving them some encouragement.

~ Thank you for turning on the background music so the house seemed more inviting.

~ Thank you for blowing out the candles.

~ Thank you for being a leader.

~ Thank you for calling your new referral back right away.

~ Thank you for having the courage to be an entrepreneur.

~ Thank you for putting your clients needs before yours.

~ Thank you for buying balloons and timing them on your signs.

~ Thank you for turning out all the lights.

~ Thank you for your professionalism.

~ Thank you for reviewing the settlement statement.

~ Thank you for that home warranty that saved your client a ton of money

~ Thank you for fluffing the pillows and turning on the light before the buyers showed up

~ Thank you for swinging through the drive through while you showed 10 houses that one day

~ Thank you for remembering to put an extra umbrella in the car when it was raining.

~ Thank you for calling the HOA.

~ Thank you for putting more waters in the fridge.

~ Thank you for the staging advice.

~ Thank you for re-sending that document (again).

~ Thank you for keeping you and your clients safety a primary concern.

~ Thank you for refusing to reduce your commissions.

~ Thank you for not talking bad about your competitors.

~ Thank you for taking a cut in your commission to get th edema done.

~ Thank you for training your team.

~ Thank you for keeping your clients information confidential.

~ Thank you for hiring someone.

~ Thank you for being part of the culture of your office.

~ Thank you for being an example to your kids.

~ Thank you for sticking to your moral compass when it was challenged.

~ Thank you for letting that buyer into your listing when the buyer agent was out of town.

~ Thank you for investing the money on your business that you didn’t have because you knew it would work out.

~ Thank you for attending that inspection that your buyer couldn’t go to.

~ Thank you for handing the appraiser the comps that would get your price.

~ Thank you for being a marriage counselor as well as a real estate agent.

~ Thank you for living the American dream.

~ Thank you for serving those that needed you.

~ Thank you for picking up the wine and cheese for the open house.

~ Thank you for increasing your cell phone plan so you can accommodate all the calls and data.

~ Thanks for setting up your website.

~ Thank you for your courage when things got tough.

~ Thank you for making sure their dog was happy.

~ Thank you for getting quotes.

~ Thank you for showing the sidewalk from the snow.

~ Thank you for taking great pictures.

~ Thank you for finding the broom so you could sweep up the floor.

~ Thank you for putting that video on Facebook.

~ Thank you for returning my call even thought it was after 10pm.

~ Thank you for hand writing your holiday cards that you sent out to your favorite clients.

~ Thank you for being you.

Thank you for doing the real work!