It comes down to 3 things that will predict with certainty what your 2018 will look like.

It’s not under dispute.  It’s not theory.  There is no guessing.  It works every single time.  No matter what the market.  The nay-sayers can go pound sand.

Want to make more money?…..List more houses.

Want to list more houses? …..Go on more listing appointments.

Want to go on more listing appointments? …..Talk with more people that are motivated to sell.


Fancy schmancy thing-a-ma jingies are for suckers.

Dialing for dollars – not gonna do it!

I don’t know about you, but 2018 for me is all about just doing what works.

Not over thinking it.  Not trying to re-invest the wheel.  Not chasing squirrels.

Just these 3 kings….

Contacts – Appointments – Listings

There is an easier way if you are willing to listen.

==>> Jim, I want one more listing every week

Do the real work….

Jim Krautkremer