When 4 brilliant business pros are allowing access into the depths of their wondrous minds, it’s time to pay attention.

That’s why I love the TV show “Shark Tank”.

Its fun to see the entrepreneurs rise to the occasion and strike a deal with Mr. Wonderful or real estate’s very own Barbara Corcoran.

Is it just me, or do you find yourself talking out loud, even when you are alone, pretending you are one of the sharks?

After many hours of watching the best of the best do their thang, here are some real estate lessons from the show.

  1. Learn how to pitch – your listing presentation must be the best in town or they are going to pass on you faster than an orange Lamborghini racing past granny on the autobahn.
  2. Show a specific plan to win – you must demonstrate a very specific and detailed plan to get their home sold or else you will look, smell, feel, and taste like all of the other schlubs out there pining for listings.
  3. Provide a solution that works for everyone – if the only creative juices that flow through your brain are what is being taught in the Wednesday morning sales meetings, you are in trouble. ((ppsstt…they love off market strategies))
  4. Sellers pick people before they pick brands – every seller knows that brands do not sell real estate and every seller knows 6 other agents, so be clear they are taking a good hard look at you versus their next door neighbor’s with who is also an agent.
  5. Demonstrate your commitment to them – ever meet that person that is constantly running 100 mph and so distracted that they can’t carry on a conversation without being interrupted by their phone?  Yeah…don’t be that person.
  6. Listen, Listen, Listen – God gave you two ears and one mouth for a reason…..just sayin’
  7. Do your homework – stalkers are creepy and weird, but it might make sense to see what your client is up to on social media prior to sitting down in front of them ((you better believe they are checking you out))
  8. Know your USP – the people that get the most listings can answer the question “what makes you different than every other agent out there”.  (aka your USP – Unique Selling Proposition)
  9. Highlight your marketing – a web presence, a big office, a fancy flier, and a team are just not good enough anymore.  The best marketers win.  Period.

These 9 lesson translate into listings with people that want to get their home sold right now when executed properly.

Want a little help with that?

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