The tendencies of many of those around us is to turn to things like flakebook, twiller, and instragranny to see what our “heroes” are up to.

I called them “heroes” because they are getting all the attention.

They have all the eyes peering into their every move.

In reality, the fact is they are the better marketers.

It doesn’t mean they are better people.

So why do we give them sooooo much attention?

We like to look at the pics of their vacations, who they are hanging out with, and what they are saying.

But isn’t it a bit too much??

Most every pic of a celebrity out there is photo-shopped and staged.

Imagine a world where YOU took care of YOU.

Meaning your mind, your emotions, your character, your work ethic, your integrity, your kindness, your service, and your bid-nezz.

Not your families, not your spouses, not your kids… YOURS!

This is one of the all time greats…..

If you want too change the world… change a country.

If you want to change a country… change a state.

If you want to change a state… change a city.

If you want to change a city… change a neighborhood.

If you want to change a neighborhood… change a household.

If you want to change a household… change a family.

If you want to change a family… change yourself.

Mahatma Gandhi said it best:  “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

We have been blessed to sit in the homes of strangers and sell their most valuable tangible asset; their home.

And we have been gifted the honor of walking into complete strangers homes, without them being home, for the opportunity to make a healthy commission check to someone we just met at that house a few minutes ago.

Wow!  What an industry we make up!!

If you want to be your own hero and have it all, head on over to:

Do the real work with power and purpose

Jim Krautkremer