Listings are so precious in this market that when one of my private clients reaches out for help with preparing for their first listing appointment, I drop everything, put on my super hero cape, and dial them up.

She was petrified because she is new to real estate with about two months of experience.

I calmed her down and got her to find a piece of paper and a good pen to write down the three things that will get here the listing.  Even though she has no experience, is started to death, and really doesn’t know what to do once she gets the listing.

What’s really cool is one of the three secrets I revealed to her was inside of her all along.

And that is to be your authentic self.  Because that is when’re you serve from…. your heart.

I love my clients and love keeping in close communication with them, so I sent her a text yesterday afternoon to check in on her progress and last night she replied.

“Hi Jim, its funny you text me.  I just got another listing today and I want to thank you.  I’m looking at the training and I’m just a little busy now that I’m, getting listings.”

I reply… “Is that 2 listings in your first 2 weeks in the program?”


I reply… “I’m so happy for you 😃  CONGRATS!”

“I am happy to.”

With an ending like that to my day, I slept like a baby last night.

Oh, I almost forgot…

About the other two secrets.

This email is getting a little long so I will share them with you on this short video.

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Jim Krautkremer

PS.  Just kidding about the “put on my super hero cape” comment (well…. sort of).  When you….sign up for my program, do what I tell you to do, and submit to the system that works every time.  You get….a predictable and consistent listing based business because motivated sellers are raising their hand for your help, and you know exactly what to say and do to get the listing.