When my wife got home from work last night, she looked at me funny and got a weird look on her face.

She could tell I was spent.

I needed a cigarette but I only smoke when I move real fast so I didn’t have any cigarettes around.

I had just spent the past two days with my mentor.

If there is one dirty little secret that has made me more progress and money than anything else I do, it’s I invest in the best coaches and mentors I can find.

There are usually 2-3 people on retainer at any given time.

About once a quarter, I either go see them, attend a mastermind, get 3-4 guys together and rent an Airbnb, or do a personal day with the best of the best.

I’ve paid $10,000 to spend a single personal day with the best in the business and it was so profitable, I did it twice!

So when it was time to get together with my guy this week, we set a very detailed agenda and left the timeline open.

We had five very specific things to get accomplished and h3 wasn’t leaving town without knockin’ them out.  ((no matter the time it took))

When Jill got home last night, she not only saw the look on my face culminating from the hard work we put in, but also the satisfaction of a job well done.

It makes no sense to me to try and figure out the absolute best way to get the job done, when I can just fork over some fun coupons to someone and have them hand me the solution on a silver platter.

This alone has been the best catalyst that has enabled me to grow my business to where it is today.

If you are banging your head against the wall, chasing shiny objects, and trying to figure things out by yourself with little or no luck, just know there is a better way.

We focus on listings and get a ton of them.

==> How To Get One More Listing Every Week

Do the real work!

Jim Krautkremer