There is a distinct difference between our two groups of clients we serve.

Not just from a time or money point of view, but more importantly its a philosophical difference.

A buyer can begin or pause or stop the buying process at any time pretty much without consequence. 

I’m talking about the home shopping process.  Being under contract is a whole different can of tomatoes.

If they want to take a break from looking at homes or they just want to chill a little bit, no big deal for the buyer.

Not the same thing for the seller.

They have made public notice to the world that their home is for sale by putting a sign in the yard, a lockbox on the front door, and allowed strangers to go through their house when they aren’t home.

So a seller is COMMITTED in a big way.

They’ve got to keep the beds made and the dishes cleaned every single day of the week even when they are running late for work. ((not so much for the buyer))

Because of that COMMITMENT by the seller, they are looking for a whole different set of characteristics when it comes to finding an agent.

They want and need you to be on a whole new level when it comes to what you deliver.

And I’m not talking about customer service and marketing – that’s easy.

I’m talking about something much harder to deliver.


They want you to be confident in every aspect of your job. 

From how you market, to how you negotiate, to how you write copy, to how you make fliers, to how you write contracts, to how you get the price they want, to everything!

The more confident you are, the more listings you will get.

Perhaps even more difficult is certainty.

When the seller is committed to putting their house on the market and all the stuff that goes along with that declaration, they want you to make them certain that you can deliver the results they are hiring you to get.

You have to be certain about your marketing approach, certain about the price you both agreed to, certain about the best way to negotiate, certain about your ability to get the home sold, certain about why you are the best person for the job, and certain about why you deserve that commission.

The more certain you are, the more listings you will get.

And here is the REAL secret about these two things….

The seller is actually looking to be confident and certain in THEIR decision to turn over their most valuable asset to you for you to sell it for them. 

And that is a hard thing for them to do ((especially when every seller knows 5 other agents)).

So your job really is to make them feel confident and certain and you do that by displaying it yourself.

Think of a mirror.

What you see is what you reflect.

Display confidence and certainty and your sellers give it right back to you in the form of a listing.

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Do The Real Work,

Jim Krautkremer