Every time we turn around there is another security breach exposing your private data and confidential information.

Congress had Zuck on the hotseat yesterday because this latest debacle by Facebook reportedly affected 87+ million people.

In an effort to get their shight together they have battened down the hatches and made sure that every App that uses Facebook’s API no longer functions.

That means that every app that connects your website, page, or groups may no longer work.

They are requesting that all of those apps get resubmitted to them for review and approval to protect this type of thing from happening again.

Make sure that you NEVER have all of your eggs in one basket.

Even though we have heard this lesson a million times, I see agents every day that tell me the majority of their business comes from referrals.

Or they say that they get all of their business from Zil-loser.

It happened back in the REO days as well.

Agents reaching out to me like crazy when the market got going again crying “Jim… I’ve been so reliant on REO’s these past few years, what do I do now?”

Have you ever been on that roller coaster when the pipeline dried up and you were in a panic about where to get your next piece of business?

You put a nice big ticket house under contract and were feelin’ fine and right after the inspections, your deal falls apart.

It cuts you deep because you could see the closing date on the calendar and you had some of that money already spent in your mind.

I’ve been right there with you……. “What if my client gets pissed and fires me?  I can’t afford to let a big one like this get away.”

It might take a day or two to calm down when you get so close and things fall apart, but you know you now have to run around like a crazy person to get another one under contract for them.

You can protect yourself from these things happening to you.

Diversify your marketing efforts by having multiple ways that sellers can reach out to you.

Don’t get caught up by someone else’s screw up and have your business get shut down when it wasn’t your fault.

This its how I recommend you avoid getting negatively next time:

Watch this short video:  Protect Yourself

Do the real work!

Jim Krautkremer

PS.  Want to know where all of the good sellers are hiding out?  They are in my Secret Society of Sellers ((ssshhhhh))