I struck a nerve with my most recent rant about getting more listings in December.

And a good one at that…..

Agents reaching out all over the place telling me about their success stories.

The agent telling me about the listing they just took that spent a whopping 18 hours on the market before selling at full price.

The guy that has 6 more closings by the end off the year and that is more than they had in the last 90 days combined.

The woman that used that sneaky little list of ours: “10 Reasons Why Someone Should Selling Their Home During The Holidays” to get 2 new listings last week.

Want in on the fun? 

Click this link:  http://MSBaccess.com

There is enough good cheer going on for all of us to have some fun.

How to get more listings in December can be found right here:  http://MSBaccess.com

Do the real work with power and purpose

Jim Krautkremer