If you re anything like me, we get these thoughts rolling around in our heads at the end of the year.

How did I do this year?

Did I leave any money on the table or did I do my best?

Am I happy and fulfilled?

Would I like anything to be different?

That is EXACTLY why I am conducting my 90 Day Sprint again to start off 2018.

It’s the perfect way to jump start your 2018 by working with real self qualified sellers.

The sellers that want to list their houses and you don’t have to cold call or dial for dollars to get them. 

This is one of the most popular things I do because of the huge success rate of my clients and the number of listings they take.

It’s a very personalized and customized program for each individual so the on-on-one attention is a big part of it’s success.

That’s why it’s only open to the first 25 agents that sign up.

Sign Me Up Jim >> https://realestateplayers.com/sprint

Do the real work with power and purpose

Jim Krautkremer

PS.  There is some “pre-work” for you to complete these next few weeks prior to the 90 Day Sprint starting in January.  It is imperative that these early assignments get completed before you start.  So now is the time to join today.  CLICK HERE to get started.