This past week I held a little gathering here in Charlotte for about 30 people from every corner of the country.

Since I hold these events about every quarter, my existing clients had been to many of these in the past.

But there were a couple of newbies that were diving into the waters of what we talk and train about every day, so they were a bit surprised.

Many of the people that come into my programs are looking to get in touch with sellers that are super motivated, ready to list, and just need to connect the dots.

But that is just the tip of the iceberg.

What most agents don’t realize is that it is pretty easy (not to mention quick) to get motivated sellers asking you for help to get their home sold.

The kind of people that are raising their hands for help and want to get it done in the next 90 days or so.

So last week at the event, this new guy was all lathered up to hear everything he could about the…. tricks, shiny objects, and the bait used for squirrel chasers.

He was surprised.

Surprised because we handed the answer to him on a silver platter.

There were two CEO’s of lead companies at the event. 

These guys come to every one of my events, even though my events by design are small because of the one-on-one interaction we are known for.

Why do they invest the better part of a week to talk with just a few of Kraut’s Klients? 

From what they tell me, it’s because my clients are getting all the results.

These CEO’s want to know exactly what we are doing to turn these leads into commission checks, and at a rate no one else in the country can duplicate.

Their words not mine….

I’m just here to provide tons of value, host legendary events, get people big results, and have fun doing it.

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