There is a very big difference between a goal and a target.

When you are aiming at a target, your focus is sharp, tight, controlled, and honed in to doing one thing and one thing only.

Hitting the target.

There is no ambiguity.

No wiggle room.

No self talk ((aka justification)) that could sound something like this….

“My goal was set real high, so even if I miss, things are still good enough.”

You either hit the target tor you didn’t.

Period…..Dot…..End Of Story

That’s why I like targets, they get right to the info we are all looking for.

Missed just a hair to the right? 

Good – aim a hair to the left.

Goals on the other hand create a different story in our minds.

I must have heard this a thousand times….

“My goal was to list 6 homes this month, but I only got 4 which is still good.”

For some reason, when people miss their goals, they finish it up with a gratis pat on their own preverbal back to make them feel better.

Targets don’t play that game.

We set and more importantly HIT TARGETS more targets than most and are really good at it.

And when we don’t, we have the feedback of “aim just a hair to the left” so we can be sure that we hit it next time.

Want to hit more targets?

Aim here ===>

Do the real work with power and purpose