What would happen if you were not able to make it into work for a few weeks?

Maybe you got sick, got abducted by aliens, or just wanted to take a break.

A couple of days… no problem. 

But what about 3-4 weeks?  Can your real estate biz-nez survive?

Three years ago I had a total right hip replacement.  It took me out of the game for a month.

I left the house twice during that time; once to go in for a follow up visit to the surgeon and once just to get the hell out of the house.

Thank God my master bedroom is on the main floor because I had to use a walker for the first ten days until I graduated to crutches and finally a cane in the final two weeks.

Being confined to a very small space for a solid month does some interesting things to your noodle (more on that in tomorrow’s email).

Needless to say, I couldn’t go on listing appointments.  There were no inspections or appraisals or showing buyers around.

None of that.

I am proud to say that I had my ducks in order.  The business continued to run efficiently and bring in the fun coupons.

You may be thinking…”of course it needs me, I run the show, I am the talent, I close the deals, my clients need my help.”

And if that’s the case…..that sucks.

Because things happen….

People get sick, they have hip surgery, they have family emergencies, they get called out of town, someone dies, a hurricane hits their city, a tornado wipes them out, their house burns down — all of it possible and also probable.

How many times have you heard in your office or witnessed on Facebook someone raising money for a fellow agent that has fallen upon hard times? 

It happens all the time.

You and I have heard it too many times…”I didn’t expect this, this was a surprise, I didn’t think this would happen to me, I don’t know where to turn.”

Get your ducks in order.

The smart way to run a real estate business is by doing MORE business with LESS of you.

The systems and efficiencies are good for your clients, it’s good for your family, and ultimately it’s good for you.


You are just two listings away…

Jim Krautkremer

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