It was in my 9th grade science class that I was really exposed the the wondrous world of science.

Truth be told, it was probably a few grades earlier, but I was far from being a grade A stoodent.

What was cool about 9th grade besides being interested in girls and cars was the science lab.

We got to mix potions together and light stuff on fire.

Anything that resembled the 80’s hair band pyrotechnics got my attention.

When we mixed compound A with a precise amount of compound B and brought it up to a particular temperature…

Smoke and Fire!  ((awesome))

It worked every time.

No guessing.

That’s what I remember about the 9th grade science class.

I’m not sure if that was what Mr Buckmeier was going for, but that’s what I got out of it.

There are precise formulas and directions to get predictable results.

Now that I am hitting the half century mark in age, I am reminded more than ever about the predictable results of science.

What I eat, how I take care of my mind and body, all work like a formula.  Like an equation.

The same holds true in real estate.

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There is not any guessing what happens with this formula. 

Just like Mr Buckmeier’s lab experiments.

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Jim Krautkremer