We were talking about doing more business with less effort working inside the business yesterday and it must of resonated with a bunch of you.

The feedback and questions been wonderful so thank you.

My promise for today was to let you know what I learned while I was confined to such a small space for over a month after having a hip replacement.

I have taught these lessons inside my programs for a few years now and people that are getting ready to go through similar experiences ask me all the time, what was it like. Or… what did you learn.

And the answer may surprise you.

When you stare at the same walls everyday with limited mobility and space, the walls start closing in on you.

There are only so many episodes of the Andy Griffith Show you can watch in a day so TV got real boring and annoying.

So I had a lot of time to think. Imagine a month in the same room looking at the same 4 walls in silence.

You either lose your mind or get really clear. ((still debatable what happened to me))

That clarity totally changed my career and my life.

When people say that their tragedies are actually a gift to them….I get it.

I got crystal clear on how to help agents get one more listing every week.

And do it without doing all the stuff you hate doing.

It was fabulous.

Truly a gift to me and a gift to all the agents that have enjoyed taking advantage of that experience.

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Jim Krautkremer


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