It’s less than a week ’til jolly ‘ole St. Nick tumbles head first down my chimney.

And what did I decide to do today….. got to the post office.

I’m not a last minute shopper or even a procrastinator so when I do something idiotic like this, there has to be a damn good reason.

And today it was to have a little fun.

People freak out this time of year, get in such a hurry, and tend to come unraveled a bit.

I look at it the opposite way.

It’s time to have fun, not stress at all, and know exactly what I’m getting into.

The line at the post office was longer than Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s legs and everyone had a handful of packages. 

I stake up a casual conversation with the lady behind me and she says “I can’t believe how busy this place is”.

And I start laughing out loud ((maybe a bit too loud)).

In smart ass-tical fashion I reply….”you are SURPRISED that the post office is smokin’ busy less than a week before Christmas??”

She kind of gives me a look out of the corner of her eye deciding if she wanted to be pissed at me or see if I was having fun.

She could tell I was having fun and it made the next 23 minute wait a bit more manageable.

Point being…..

You have a choice.

No one else can make that choice for you.

It’s just like doing real estate this time of year.

You can lay the groundwork to have some momentum going into the new year.

Or you can be surprised when everyone else is passing you by.

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Jim Krautkremer