Every year my Mother In Law sends us a whole bunch of tasty treats for Christmas and that box arrived last night.

There is always a bunch of bread from a bakery in my wife’s hometown that brings back all of those warm and fuzzy childhood memories.

Some people call them sub sandwiches, others call them hero’s, or grinders, or gondolas.

So when that box arrives, I know its sandwich building time.

Here are the ingredients: bread, ham, hard salami, mayonnaise, cheddar cheese, lettuce, and that’s it.

I’m gonna brag a little bit about my sandwich making skills.

That sub sandwich I carefully crafted, last night was one of the best damn sandwiches I’ve ever had (my wife Jill agreed).

It took me about 30 minutes to make it.

Someone once told me…

You can dump off a truck load of lumber at Frank Lloyd Wright’s house and he could build you a beautiful bookshelf…
You can dump off an identical truck load of wood at my house and I could build you a bookshelf but it is far from a fine piece of furniture.

Same lumber. Same tools, Same everything.

EXCEPT the builder!

That is the difference.

How you put things together, how you craft something special, how you go about making your masterpiece all make a difference.

That is why I am running my 90 Day Sprint again to start off 2018.

It’s the perfect way to jump start your 2018 by working with real self qualified sellers.

This is one of the most popular things I do because of the huge success rate of my clients and the number of listings they take.

It’s a very personalized and customized program for each individual so the on-on-one attention is a big part of it’s success.

That’s why it’s only open to the first 25 agents that sign up.

Sign Me Up Jim >> https://realestateplayers.com/sprint

Do the real work with power and purpose

Jim Krautkremer

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