The difference between someone thinking about selling and someone actually listing their home is wider than the grand canyon.

It’s similar to window shopping vs making the purchase.

Sellers that sign on the dotted line are committed.

Their commitments when they do list with you are pretty strenuous and stressful to them, and they have to do these things every day.

            • Having strangers walk through their house.
            • Keeping the dishes washed and beds made (we hope).
            • Wiping down the counters and keeping the bathrooms clean.
            • And you know the drill….

That’s why a Self Qualified Seller is the greatest connection in the world.

This is a person that has made 5 very important declarations:

        1. I own a home.
        2. I want to sell it.
        3. I need it sold within the next 90 days.
        4. Please contact me.
        5. Here is my contact info.

Expired’s are eliminated from this list because you are not sure they want you to contact them and they did not offer up their info, you had to go get it.

FSBO’s did not make the cut because they suck and they do not necessarily want to talk to an agent.

Home evaluation leads have not even said that they want to sell in the first place (window shoppers).

What about DumbZip…. really? 

A seller that is willingly raising their hand for help to get their home sold and asking you to help them is a special opportunity.

An opportunity for you to serve and do what you do best.

They are committed, determined, self qualified and ready to list.

If you are wanting more Self Motivated Sellers reaching out to you for help, then you want to see this:

Do the real work with power and purpose