It’s Saturday night and a man walks into a jewelry store with a bag from Victoria’s Secret in one hand and Hallmark in the other.

When greeted….he politely says “just looking”.

I call bull-honkey.

No man in his right mind would be just killin’ some time, hangin’ out at the mall with those two bags in his grubby little paws.

He NEEDS to finish this escapade off and complete the trifecta.

If that guy does not buy some jewelry when he walks into the store, he will walk right into the next one ((there’s one on every corner of a mall)) and finish his mission.

This was one of the more powerful lessons I explained when I was teaching people how to sell more jewelry back in the day.

That’s exactly how things are right now in this time of year.

People that are raising their hands and asking for help at this time of year are my favorite kind of sellers.

These sellers NEED to get their home sold.

There is not a person on planet earth that would want to go through the hassles of listing a house on the market with all the showings and upkeep AND put up with it during the holidays.

So keep a watchful eye and ear to the grindstone.

These sellers are walking around with bags in their hands that look to you and me like red flashing lights and screaming sirens.

They keep my clients so busy, they just don’t have time to waste with the tire kickers and unrealistic sellers.

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Do the real work with power and purpose