The ding-a-ling weaving into your lane that just about banged into you didn’t even realize you spilled your grande skinny vanilla latte all over your lap.

They are convinced that the text they are reading is vitally important to their immediate attention that they are willing to tune out the rest of society to reply back with their favorite emoji.

They are oblivious to it all.

So they weave in and out of your lane and seem to not give a rats ass about keeping in theirs.

Real estate agents are notorious for doing a bit of weaving in and out of lanes as well.

Lanes like: attending the Tuesday morning caravan, looking for the next best thing, and trying to get on the front page of Google, letting home inspectors into your listings when they buyer agent is busy, chasing squirrels and staring blindly at shiny objects.

You are much better off just doing what you do best.

Sitting down in front of people and helping them.

Solving their real estate problems and guiding them along the way.

That is your lane.

That is where you do your best.

There is nothing out there that requires your immediate attention so badly that it causes you to put yourself and everyone else at risk.

We are counting on you to stay in your lane.

It’s good for us all!

The best way I know how to help agents stay in their lane is all right here:

Do the real work with power and purpose