The one peculiar thing about our industry is the secrets people keep.

Secrets about what is really going on behind closed doors.

Companies and brokerages stand on top of the stump and pontificate their culture is all about sharing and caring, but there is a story that they are not telling you.

It’s the story they keep hidden away.


Because if they told you, then you wouldn’t need them.

They want you to be dependent upon them for your success.

They want to hold the keys to the kingdom.

And ultimately, they want your money.

They want that 30% (or whatever it is) from you every single closing.

So they keep their secret to success hidden in the vaults and at the same time tell you that they are all about your success so it makes you feel all warm and squishy.

They have convinced you that they will do anything to support you and your success all while lying about the truth.

A truth that will set you free.

One that will ensure your independence, break the chains, relinquish the bondage and set you free.

Freedom to have the kind of business and lifestyle you wanted when you got into real estate in the first place.

The certainty of knowing exactly how much money you are going to make in the next 90 days.

The knowing of the next best steps for you to take to get the things you really really want.

The clarity of the path you want to walk (or run) down.

There is a better way.

A system and method of real estate that puts you in control of your future so you don’t have to count on any one company or brokerage or widget or thingy every again.

This is the story you were never told:

Do the real work with power and purpose

Jim Krautkremer