That’s horrible advice.

Taking a break during one of the best times of year to get listings?

It’s ridiculous.

The person that is telling you to wind it down over the holidazzze is also the same person that tells you to sleep in all weekend long, sit by the TV eating chocolate covered bomb bombs like Peggy Bundy, and skip that workout today because its a little nippy outside.

The winners have a different story.

They play by a different set of rules.

Listings in December flow to winners like being downstream from Niagara Falls.

A couple of my clients have commented on this topic in the past few days.

Here is what Lisa said…

“I’ve taken 4 new listings in the past 2 weeks – while other Realtors are not answering their phones 😂😂 Thank you, Jim, for the amazing training and support!!”

Tim is on the same path…

“I’ve been doing 5 listing appointments a week for quite a few weeks now, what do I do to get it to 10?”

If you want the blueprint to take a bunch of listings right now ((yes even in December)) then click on this link:

Do the real work with power and purpose

Jim Krautkremer