Got a bizarre coincidence (if there is such a thing) for you today.

Check this out:

I was reading this article about urban legends and dogs getting eaten up by predatory hawks.

As the story goes, this lady was walking her little Chihuahua in one of my favorite Manhattan parks called Bryant Park on the corner of 42nd and 6th Avenue.

Evidently, the city had a trained hawk who was part of their park program to rid the city of its pigeon population. 

This evil bird of prey decided to swoop down and ruin that little Chihuahua’s day by sinking its razor sharp talons into the fluffy little doggy. 

Bad Hawk!

Thank God the Chihuahua suffered only minor injuries.

But here’s what is the really weird coincidence.

Yesterday afternoon I opened my front door and a slip of paper falls to the ground.

It’s a note from my neighbor Angie.

She tells me that she has seen a hawk in the woods of our adjoining back yards and she knew I had two very small dogs.

Not only that, but she found the head of a squirrel just two days ago….YUCK!

My boyz, Kirby and Watson, tip the scales at about 8 pounds a piece soaking wet.

Which makes me very grateful that Angie left me that note.

Needless to say…every time they go outside no matter what time of day (or night) I am right there with them.

I love all animals and enjoy the beautiful yellow eyes of the majestic hawk. 

Just not the ones that want to harass my boyz.

When I look at expireds, FSBO’s, home evaluation leads, over priced sellers, and most buyers……

I See Yellow-Eyed Dog Hunting Hawks.

No on my watch!

Don’t let the predators of your time, energy, and money swoop into your life and carve out a hunk of your flesh.

There is a better way…..

Do the real work with power and purpose.