Are FSBO’s on the rise in your market?

They are in mine!

And this is just the beginning if history has taught us anything.

The general public is now well aware of the rising real estate market, all of the new construction, and the low inventory rates.

Yes it took them a while to fully catch on… but it always does.

The public opinion ALWAYS trails our intimate knowledge of the what’s really going on and the true facts.

And that makes the FSBO seller happy.

They have always looked at you like you stole their wallet.  They don’t trust you.  They do not see the value you bring.  And they certainly don’t want to pay you a commission.


I’m going to share with you on a short Facebook Live session today what it takes to Turn Every FSBO Into A Listing.

In teaching these techniques for many years, I’ve only had 3 people let me know that they knew about this loophole in the real estate contract.  ((even though we have all passed our real estate exams)).

The session is going to be inside of my Motivated Seller Blueprint Facebook group. 

Just click this link and it will take you to the group.

It costs nothing to join the group ((and it’s a wonderful group))

FSBO’s are growing in number every single day and will continue to do so into the summer because of the low inventory in your market.

Join the Facebook Group right here:

==> Turn Every FSBO Into A Listing

See YOU live at 1pm eastern time!

Jim Krautkremer