Recently someone said I was…. pig headed.

They didn’t like what I had to say about most of the real estate agents wandering around inside of our industry.  Many of them have never read a listing agreement front to back, let alone know how to fill it out correctly. 

It’s not that I claim to have all the answers and I’m not trying to be some kind of jerk.

In my line of work I get to talk with a bunch of agents and this is just an observable fact.

The lions share of real estate agents out there freak out when it comes time for them to sit down at a kitchen table and solve someone’s problem and serve them like a pro.

They are so used to working with buyers, driving and showing, pulling door handles and praying for an offer.  Their lack of confidence when it’s all on the line (aka — listing presentation) is getting in their way of actually helping others.

BTW, I’m not saying they’re incapable of succeeding.

Just that they won’t do the real work.

The real work of being prepared to sit in a strangers house and help them.

Having a few friends that want to sell their house isn’t enough.

And working with buyers all day won’t get the job done either.

There is a certain “mindset” that we are talking about.

Where the best listing agents in the country are authentic, can be themselves, and can think on their feet.

They know how to provide solutions to sellers even when they are asking for it all.

This is why Motivated Seller Blueprint has been so successful.  We get down to brass tacks and make certain, agents can sit down at those kitchen tables and come home with a signed listing agreement.

We do that inside of our virtual training.

And we talk about it every week on our live call with yours truly (yep that’s me).

If you want to list more houses, the real way (meaning talking to sellers that have asked for your help) then head on over to:

Do the real work with power and purpose