January has been historically red hot when it comes to new listings hitting the market.

Sellers have been holding off ’til after the holidaze.

Relocations from major corporations kick in like crazy.

Agents go back to work to pay for all the money they spent in December.

Many people get going on their New Year’s Resolutions.

If you have NOT gotten in on the 90 Day Sprint you still have some time.


We will walk you through the exact steps to list one more house every week without cold calling, dialing for dollars, buying crappy leads, or doing a Buch of those lousy home evaluations.

So while all those crazed fools that are calling past expired’s and FSBO’s the morning of January 2nd pissing off every seller they THINK wants to get their home sold, you can just sit back and let the real good listings come to you. 

==>> Jim, I want one more listing every week

There is some “pre-work” for you to complete these next few weeks prior to the 90 Day Sprint starting in January, so it is imperative that these early assignments get completed before you start. 

You’re just two listings away….

Jim Krautkremer