What do pretty much all expired’s have in common?

The seller is upset with the agent for one of four reasons ((and probably all four)).

They have their panties in a wad because they feel….

      • The agent never brought a buyer, instead they counted on everyone else.
      • The marketing was not good enough ((because THEIR house is better than the one down the street of course))
      • Every time they heard from their agent, all they wanted to do was a price reduction.
      • Once the house was on the market for 3-4 months, the agent seemed to disappear and not pay attention to them.

You and I know that the reason it didn’t sell was because it was overpriced, but we are talking about how the SELLER FEELS.

The FSBO is similar but they hate us for different reasons….

      • They do not respect the work you do.
      • They do not see the value is what you bring to the table.
      • They feel that the market is hot enough that they can find a buyer.
      • They feel they can just put it out there on a few sites and it will sell ((because they think that is all you do anyways))

That is a lot of people that are wanting to get their home sold but are not really happy – happy with how most agents are doing things.

Here’s what keeps me up at night….

It is a natural tendency, that if you are satisfied with something, you just keep to yourself, mind your manners, and go about your biz-nez.

But if you are pissed off….


There are 15 ways ’til Sunday that you can tell everyone about your horrible experience.  ((turn on flakebook))

Upset clients creates opportunities for the rest of us.

Here is how you can take advantage of all the agents screwing things up:


Do the real work with power and purpose